A corner shop for the neighborhood

K'nickies was born out of the desire to provide an old-fashioned neighborhood pizza and sandwich shop experience. We're family owned and operated. We make our dough fresh daily, source our ingredients as locally as possible, and show our food as much respect as we show our customers. 

About Us

Hey there, I'm Jason. My wife Jen and I grew tired of watching the corner pizza shop flip signs every few months. So, we bought it with the intention of providing our neighborhood a friendly, affordable, and consistent pizza eatery offering carry-out or delivery. Community is important to us and we love ours. The Utica/Shelby area has been our home for over 17 years. Our four daughters grew up here and there's a good chance on any given day you'll see one of them in our shop. So come on up, grab a slice, a sub, or just hang out with your neighbors. We look forward to seeing you, today and for many years to come.

About Our Dough

Our dough is made in house daily. We allow the dough to rise twice, once in it's bulk form, and again once it's formed into balls, for a minimum of 36-48 hour fermentation. This allows the yeast to do it's job and create an airy crust which makes the pizza more digestable. We always use clean ingredients - water, flour, salt, yeast, etc. - nothing modified and no chemical additives. No tricks or secrets here, we just let the ingredients speak for themselves

About Our Menu

Here at K'nickies we're not fans of trendy buzzwords about food like "artisan", "authentic", or "gourmet". We're transparent. We tell it like it is. We make our sauce in house, with ingredients like tomatoes, olive oil, herbs and spices. Our soft pretzel bites are made by hand, right here at K'nickies, with our house made dough. Our produce is fresh as can be, hand-picked by the owners as much as five times per week. Our mushrooms are whole, sliced by hand to maximize that earthy flavor and ensure peak freshness. Green peppers and onions are also sliced by hand every day. We shred our cheese (only whole-milk mozzarella) in house because we know that gives maximum melt on our pizzas, no cellulose-coated, pre-shredded cheese here.


We respect the food because we know somebody worked hard to get it into our hands. We show our appreciation by creating good, honest food with those ingredients. We honor our community by not price gouging and offering the best possible customer service we can. 

Our Mission

To serve the best possible pizzas and sandwiches, in the cleanest possible establishment, by the friendliest possible staff, at the lowest possible prices and become the most trusted and consistent establishment in our community.